KYZA - S.O.S (Shots of Smirnoff)

Ltd. Ed. Digipack £10.00

Released: 20-Jul-09



Kyza Smirnoff or Mr Sayso to the masses. A man of many alias’s, personalities and talents to match is stepping into the arena with a second release into the music world with the multi faceted and equally eagerly awaited S.H.O.T.S. O.F. S.M.I.R.N.O.F.F. having been involved with numerous artists in and around the uk, and making a name for himself appearing alongside artists such as Jehst, Chester P, Triggs Vega, Yungun to name a few as well as being a founding member of Terra Firma, the body of work continues from where the album The Experience left off.
Kyza sees his role in the game as “wanting to put the soul back into the music, and have fun at the same time”. Trying a series of “experiments” with his music, he hopes to endear the fans to his latest batch of goodies while remaining true to the real lyricism he represents.
He is also working on a full lp entitled Brand New Same Old Me which should be hitting stores in the new year.