Harry ft Skrein

Digipak/ Digital £5.00

Released: 11-Sep-10



Hip-Hop/Electronic/Acoustic producer, Medison started dj’ing in 1999/2000, with his passion for head-nod beats inspiring him to incorporate the art of production within his repertoire. He has developed into one of the UK’s aspiring talents, racking up collaborations with names such as Skrein, Plan B, Verb T, FlipTrix, Jamm Baxter, Dirty Dyke, Mr Key(Contact Play) and many more. Worked close with the “Foreign Beggars” record label (Dented Records) Also remixes from Plan B has featured on Medison’s production.
Also production featured on albums alongside the likes of Jehst, Chemo and more.
Play listed on 1xtra BBC Radio/HHBRadio and Foreign Beggars radio show Medison has established himself as a force to be reckoned within the uk scene.

Medison has Dj’d and performed live shows in up and down the country and around europe supporting some of the country’s biggest hip hop, Dub and Grime artists. Such names have included: Necro, Taskforce, Jehst, Foriegn Beggars (4x)+ Orifice/Nonames (Dubstep set), Plastician, Rusko, Digital Mistykz, Logan D, CoTTI & ClueKid, Eskman, Mc Shabba, Exodus, Virus Syndicate, Bar 9, Dr Syntax + Stig of the Dump, Skrein, Brookes brothers, Verbal Kent, BluFoot, Mr Thing + YunGun, Micall Parkinson, WordSmith, Dj Excalibah (3x), JackFlash, Gentlemens Dub Club (5x), Jibbirish, Dj Pager, Flutebox, IRS, FlipTrix, Press 1, The Uber, Smb (Contact Play) And More.

Url: http://www.medisonbeats.com