In the Hour of Chaos

cd £8.00

Released: 03-Jun-07


Kashmere the Iguana Man

Signed to receptor Records and Y-N-R Productions,
Kashmere is a versatile artist with a discography of some 26 commercially available appearances. On his latest album, ‘In The Hour Of Chaos’, he adopts the persona of a Chaos Magician in order to probe the depths of all kinds of intangible shit. There is a method to the madness though and as a concept album ‘In The Hour Of Chaos’ is pretty much unrivalled in the history of British Hip-Hop. Fans and critics alike have been astounded by this meticulously crafted debut and we expect to see ‘classic’ status conferred on the thing before very long. The erstwhile Iguanaman is already halfway through another full-length project which is tentatively slated for release in Mid 2007. Check back here for regular updates, new audio/video and news about the upcoming tour.

Url: http://www.myspace.com/kashmereiguana