Metropolis is a vocalist for international Hip-Hop crew Foreign Beggars. His musical journey began when he started playing guitar and keyboard at the age of five. a few years later he moved to Ghana with his older brother where he soon gave up both instruments, but already knew his life path lay in creating music. Upon returning to the UK he started MCing in at the age of 12 when he met current beat poet and then rhymer Jacob Sam Larose in school in Lewisham. He met DJ NoNames at QMW, who provided constant distraction from studies with an open door ‘come smoke herb and freestyle’ policy around the same time he linked up with Jamaican Hip-Hop/Bashment collective Slippaz Crew. After a brief one year stint in South Africa he met up with MC Orifice Vulgatron and producer Dagnabbit, core members of Foreign Beggars, and was formally invited to join the crew. Since his first appearance on their debut album Asylum Speakers, many have noticed an extraordinary improvement which led to a more prominent role on the Beggars latest release ‘Stray Point Agenda’. Noted for his distinctive voice and ability to flip a variety of flows he’s rapidly become an established name on the Hip-Hop circuit. Watch out for his solo E.P ‘State of Emergency dropping soon featuring production by Dagnabbit, Dabrye and GhostTown features by Taskforce, Jehst, Kashmere the Iguana Man, Skrein. He’s also working on a slew of other projects including releases with DJ 2Tall(Eclectic Breaks) and Sparo(Scenario Records)


Company Flow, Cannibal Ox, Wildchild, Binary Star, Aesop Rock, MHZ, Anti Pop Consortium, J-Treds, J-Live, Juggaknots, Jacob Sam-Larose, Taskforce, MF Doom, Ice Cube, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, The Roots, Common, Madlib, J-Dilla, Skinnyman, London Posse, Fela Kuti, Salif Keita, Miles Davis, Nina Simone, D’angelo, Questlove, El-P, Coltrane, Tony Allen, Art Blakey, Marvin Gaye, Bjork, Radiohead, Prince, MJ, Tony Royster Jr, Billy Cobham, etc etc..

Url: http://www.myspace.com/sludgemusic