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12" ep £4.00

Artist: Dr. Syntax

A regular feature in the Beggars’ award-winning live show, Syntax has been leaving crowds nationwide gob-smacked with his accapella rendition of Sub-cultures. Lampooning everyone from pub bores to artisans to sado-masochistic oddballs, scathing all who fail to heed his final advice, ’Don’t let the limits of your past time define you’, Syntax shows himself to be a gleefully cynical punchline don with a mind for comic timing and original concepts, the likes of which are all too rarely seen on these shores. All this comes backed by a banger of a beat, courtesy of renowned UK producer Dag Nabbit. Infectious synth stabs complement snappy drums, occasionally lurching into simmering dancehall, sure to get jams hyped whenever dropped. For more traditional boom bap fare, check bonus tracks Animal Hides and Pack Mentality, both produced by Ido, the latter reuniting Syntax with Orifice Vulgatron of Foreign Beggars for a typically raucous offering. Add newcomer Koaste and super-tight cuts from the south coast’s finest turntablist, Manipulate, and you’ve got yourself a mosh-pit inspiring underground anthem on your hands. Sub-cultures is the first 12" from Dr Syntax’s debut Lp, “Self-Taught”’ coming in October 2006.


Released on: 03-May-07

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