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Artist: Foreign Beggars

out… never to be repressed as original metal work is no longer in existence… thanks to all those who supported and gave us what we needed to keep doing this shit!!…. THANK YOU!!

The debut album from the Foreign Beggars hit the scene in 2003 and has simply caused a storm. With features from some well established acts such as of Taskforce, Skinnyman, and Tommy Evans to some of the best in upcoming talent such as Dark Circle, Skrein, Kashmere and many more, this is a must buy for any music fan out there. Rap kingpin Orifice Vulgatron ridiculous multi-syllabic flows astonish throughout, while beat genius Dag Nabbit provides the smoothest soundscapes to have you nodding your head blissfully from start to end.


Released on: 27-Nov-03

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