Idols ft Supar Novar


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Artist: Skrein

Steadily gaining a reputation as one of Britain’s hungriest MCs, Underground Alliance frontman Skrein drops this limited 7” as a taster in the run up to his second solo 12” release. With help from fellow Norf Londoner, Mud Family’s Supar Novar, the two MCs use this opportunity to address the state of Hip-Hop in Britain, expressing their opinions on both homegrown and overseas acts. With Production from Jimmy Wha’ Gwaan and Kerem of Contact Play and killer cuts from Dj Moodie, “Idols” is one of the strongest tracks to come out of the UK in recent years, its simple message is delivered with brutal honesty and should appeal to several generations of hip-hop fans. Undali Records

Released on: 03-Mar-05

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