Black Hole Prophecies


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Artist: Foreign Beggars

sophomore album ‘Stray Point Agenda’. Featuring production from heavyweights Dag Nabbit, DJ Vadim and Jehst, and guest vocals by the up and coming Graziella.

The A-side’s ‘In It For a Minute’ sets fast paced double-time storytelling against a backdrop of moody, minimal, neck-snapping Dag Nabbit production, crossing the boundaries between underground hip-hop skills and the mainstream’s demand for musical simplicity. The rolling melancholy piano sample loops over techy, scuttering hi-hats, underpinned by thumping kicks and a punchy snare to which the listener absorbs chilling tales spun by MC’s Orifice Vulgatron, Metropolis and Graziella. Graz’s sultry harmonies elevate the chorus from the harrowing storytelling of the verses, where the vocalists discuss growing pains, work, life and death. This is a truly conceptual execution of progressive hip hop commonly characteristic of the Foreign Beggars style. The true wonder here is how easily accessible it is to the average listener.

‘Black Hole Prophecies’ features production by the world famous DJ Vadim. Set in a galactic winter of a soundscape, The Beggars go to work, spitting rugged, powerfully descriptive rhymes with imagery to perfectly accentuate Vadim’s gloomy futuristic music. The huge booming bass stretches over the somewhat disjointed groove, trapping the listener in an immediate and relentless head nod. This is another progressive venture, where the MC’s twisting flow and striking imagery speak out against the state of hip-hop by way of sheer creativity. Vadim chops, cuts and scratches vocal samples adding to the sonic imagery, and proving why he is one of the illest on the global scene. The combination is deadly, providing solid, beautiful music that goes against the mainstream grain reminiscent of Rawkus’ Company Flow circa 1995/6.

The ‘Wild Wild East’ remix is a head banger produced by UK rap legend Jehst. The chopped up Eastern music samples loop up in a way bringing a crazy Wild Western edge to the vibe. This musical ethnic dichotomy bumps like you’re riding a drop top Caddy to a spiritual rodeo on a Himalayan mountain path. In this first collaboration between Jehst and the Foreign Beggars, the former takes the lead, bouncing the listener’s head off an imaginary table, while the Beggars spew vivid rhythmical poetry for good measure, with cuts courtesy of the crews own Dj Nonames.


Released on: 16-Apr-07

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