Where Did The Sun Go


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Artist: Foreign Beggars

At Last a highly anticipated single from the forthcoming Foreign Beggars
compilation album has emerged. The deadly duo consisting of
producer ‘Dag Nabbit’ and rapper ‘Orifice Vulgatron’ bring to you some of
the most highly inspired and inventive sounds in Hip Hop today. The
compilation is to feature at least 15 different UK crews with appearances
from members of Mud Family (pmmuzik),Out da Ville, Tommy Evans (YnR),
DarkCircle (defcon/JazzFudge), Carnage (Big Dada), Task Force (Lowlife)…

“Where did the sun go” ft. Anik from Dark Circle and Tommy Evans is
an exquisite production combining introspective yet metaphorical lyrical
content delivered in a jagged London style, with hard hitting beats,
sickly sweet melodies and a soothingly jazzy vocal hook. Guaranteed
to be a timeless radio favorite.

“Pisstake Pictures”. Something a bit more hardcore for the heads out there.
Orifice spits out poisoned tipped verses on uptempo beats accompanied
by a pumping bassline and mysterious action film style soundscapes.
Something to get the clubs banging with a touch of consciousness and
perverted humour.


Released on: 01-Feb-03

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