Let Go


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Artist: Foreign Beggars

The first single from the forthcoming album featuring Wildchild of the Lootpak is a classic “What UK hip hop should be doing” track. From the neck breakin beat from Dag to the verses of Orifice, Metropolis and of course Wildchild, this track gets you feeling it in the soles of your feet.

Foreign beggars ft wildchild

All tracks produced by Dag Nabbit for Dented Records
Wildchild appears courtsy of himself
Orifice Vulgatron, Metropolis and Dr. syntax appear courtesy of Dented Records
All tracks recorded and arranged by Dag nabbit and Procto Guyvenol @ Dented Studios London
Mixed by Dag Nabbit in the Dented Shrimp Wagon Cricklewood
Flute on Mind Game by Lena Man
Cuts on Mind Game by Dj Nonames
A/R by Raj Chaudhri and Buck $hinez

For bookings and distribution contact
p c Dented Records Ltd.

1 Let Go ft. Wildchild
2 Million Skill March ft. Wildchild, Dr. Syntax
3 Mind Game ft. Dr. Syntax

B Instrumentals


Released on: 03-Sep-05

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