Hit That Gash


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Artist: Foreign Beggars

Oh Shit! Foreign Beggars are back with a vengeance with cheeky track about poon tang on some French-dirty-house-rap-shit tip. Hit That Gash, is a collaboration with French super-group Rouge A levres, comprised of Deephop Panel Lynchpin Grems aka SuperMicro, Disiz La Peste and Le 4romain. Fusing their styles and sound, Foreign Beggars’ Orifice Vulgatron lets you know what’s really on his mind once he’s had a shower and donned his new garms and kreps dem.

This massive single comes equipped with a grip of ridiculous remixes from the likes of the SCRATCH PERVERTS’ PRIME CUTS, D-CODE FROM SHIVA SOUND SYSTEM, KID DUB (Definitive), KYZA, DUBBLEDGE, INJA, CHESTER P (TASKFORCE), LDZ aka LONDON ZOO, RANKING RECORDS’ SEEMORE PRODUCTIONS and RUCKSPIN, DAG NABBIT, and Sydney’s KILLA QUEENZ, the FB Camp further maintain the fact that they are a law unto themselves. Get it now, This CD is only exclusive to www.dentedrecords.com


Released on: 20-Oct-08

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