Slow Broiled Ilk


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12" EP £4.00

Artist: Foreign Beggars

Foreign beggars are back with beeef (stew), with the 2nd instalment from their forthcoming album. An electronic twist in the plot sees featured production from Stonesthrow Protegé OhNo and a guest appearance from Uk mc Dubbledge.

Slow Broiled Ilk sounds like Slayer’s Kerry King aurally defiling a virus synthesizer over a trademark OhNo sub bass sludge of a beat. Mc’s Orifice Vulgatron and Metropolis systematically attack every 4 bars and get you screaming in the chorus. As part of their explosive live show, this track has reigned terror and bloodshed through many a sound-system across the globe, and is def. set to do some more serious dance-floor damage.

Backdraft The Listener’s pick. A different approach sees the whole team pushing the boundaries of their disciplines. Dag Nabbit’s “J Dilla meets Moving Fusion” production consists of 3 layers of interwoven bass, astral filter sweeps and futuristic warfare samples, thus vaulting the listener into some sort of cybernetic terrorzone. Metropolis and Orifice deliver multi-syllabic rhyme patterns on some abstract political/horror/sci-fi battle flex, combining skills with both conviction and aggression, the track is transformed into what should have been the theme tune for war of the worlds.

Hot Plate is an up tempo double time track produced by Dag Nabbit. Kinda El-P meets Pantera meets Dead Prez. Also part of the fb’s live set, this filth has been known to rip any dancefloor to shreds. Orifice comes with his trademark triple time scissor rap style which is contrasted with an almost folky chant of a chorus with eirie operatic pads from Nordic chic Lenaman. Dubbledge flips the script and delivers an uber-confident halftime verse that purposefully snakes through this electro jungle of a beat, perfectly rounding off this triple ripper of a wax. Once again Foreign Beggars bring you a friendly slice of calculated insanity that would even get Robocop bumping his metalloid bonnet for a hot minute


Released on: 03-Mar-06

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