Stray Point Agenda


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Artist: Foreign Beggars

The Second Installation from the Beggar Camp, ‘Stray Point Agenda’ has a more introspective tone than their debut ‘Asylum Speakers’. A darker, edgier beast than its predecessor, with featured production by Stones Throw protégé, Oh No and Ninja Tunes DJ Vadim, the release re-establishes the Foreign Beggars benchmark, but with a lyrical maturity that puts the album in a more progressive context. With rappers Orifice and Metropolis dealing with a variety of subversive topics from conscious socio-political realism to sci-fi horror core, the listener is confronted with their typically schizophrenic approach to life, love, spirituality and death. With featured guest spots from Dr. Syntax, Skrein, Dubbledge, Graziella, Wildchild and Dudley Perkins, the album spans the spectrum of rhyming styles from straight punchline to complex multi-syllabic flow patterns, doing justice to Dag Nabbits trademark versatility of dark electro synthesized basses, intricate sample work and filthy drums on futuristic soundscapes…disgusting!


Released on: 03-May-06

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