Bukkake Ski Trip


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Artist: Foreign Beggars

Bukkake Ski Trip is a wet, wild and wacky compilation of previously unheard tracks, vinyl-only releases, bootlegs, collaborations and remixes seamlessly juiced into one glorious orgasm by dj Nonames. This spunky safari features a variety of mc’s, dj’s and producers including Wildchild (Lootpack), Dr Syntax, Skrein, Dark Circle, Kashmere the Iguna Man, dj Square One, Dubbledege, Supar Novar (Kemet), Big Ben, dj Sparo (Scenario), Vex’d (Planet-mu), Soundkillaz, and Ravi Shakti (Solenca). 17 tracks deep, Bukkake Ski Trip displays skills from one of the most varied and talented crews in the UK.

Rappers Metropolis and Orifice Vulgatron bring you a sizeable portion of abstract beef to compliment Dag Nabbit’s equally spontaneous yet ingenious production. Featured production from Sparo and Uk dubstep/grime Champions Vex’d see an unexpected yet interesting turn of events, where OV and Dubbledge get wild on some uptempo breakbeat shiz. The package is nicely rounded off with unique artwork from legendary Spanish Graffiti artist SLK/ KAPS from the world famous Pornostars

Foreign Beggars – Bukake Ski Trip snip by nonames


Released on: 03-Apr-06

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