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Artist: Dubbledge

This project features some of the cream of the uk scene like Inja (Delegates of Culture), Foreign Beggars, Skrein, Dr Syntax, Wordsmith, Micall Parknsun, Dabla, Mention, O.C.B. and singers such as Ziggy and Selesha, also features some outstanding production from producers such as Dag Nabbit, Dj Snips, Budasac, IDO, Neehi, Jabba that Kut, Steve Ebola and Ghosttown…my personal favourite is produced by Shlomo cause its all from the mouth… level Beatboxing from one of the UK’s finest. LISTEN:


1. Intro live with Rodney P, Skitz 1xtra
2. Perfect, Beatbox ft Shlomo
3. Morning Worship ft LDZ
4. Deadlee aka Capped im Bundem
5. Unauthorised Loss
6. That’s Long ft Micall Parknsun + Wordsmith
7. The Internet song ft Ghost Town
8. Skit
9. Venus ft Skrein, Dr. Syntax
10. Gyal Round Here
11. Nah Man ft Verbal
12. Off Key ft Stevie Ebola
13. Skit
14. Xaolin Monk
15. 3 Way Beatdown ft Inja, Forein Beggars
16. So Hip-Hop ft Genesis Elijah
17. Money’s a bitch ft. Selesha + Ziggy
18. Don’t interrupt ft Jabba the Kut
19. Sssshh ft Gost Town


Released on: 03-Mar-08

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