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Artist: Dr. Syntax

Dr Syntax is an emcee who has been making noise on the underground hip hop scene for years, via a slew of releases and live appearances across the UK and beyond. After numerous guest appearances on tracks by notable hip hop artists in the UK, ‘Self-Taught’ is the work of an artist reaching maturity in fine style. In an age of bland, sales-orientated copycat rappers, Syntax refuses to follow fashion, showcasing a knack for witty social commentary, strikingly original concepts and straight up, tight rhyming in the truest sense. After the successes of the Subcultures 12’’ release and She’s Quite Some Picture 7’’, this deep and thought provoking album will cement Dr Syntax’s well earned position at the top of the UK’s Hip Hop food chain. With features from the likes of UK legends Orifice Vulgatron, Stig Of The Dump and Wordsmith and a mix of upfront, tight rhymes and breakneck beats, Dr Syntax has excelled again.


1. Arrival ft. Enlish, Wordsmith, Manipulate
2. Subcultures
3. Max Miller
4. Slow Down ft. Mole
5. Animal Hides
6. She’s Quiten Some Picture
7. A Dose Of Godzilla Slang ft. Stig Of The Dump, Manipulate
8. Ido Skit
9. Sacred
10. My Night
11. Seaside Postcard
12. Time
13. Pack Mentality ft. Koaste, Orifice Vulgatron, Manipulate
14. Outro


Released on: 03-Aug-07

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